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Ankarsrum Original and Deluxe Package

The Ankarsrum Original Kitchen Machine is the result of over 70 years of Swedish innovation.  It became available in the United States in the 1980s.  Beautifully crafted from chrome and steel, the mixer houses a 600 watt motor that efficiently tackles a variety of baking and cooking needs; making it indispensable for any cook. 


The Ankarsrum Original Package (pictured above) comes in a variety of colors.  It has both a 7 liter stainless steel bowl and a 3.5 liter plastic whipping bowl.  The mixer offers an adjustable speed control dial as well as a 12 minute timer dial.  The dust cover can serve as a lid when the machine is not in use or be used as a container to hold the various attachments.

The scraper and dough roller are used in conjunction with the stainless steel bowl for general mixing purposes and the kneading of soft dough.  The spatula is designed to not only remove mixtures from the bowl but from the grooves of the dough roller as well.  The dough hook also accompanies the stainless steel bowl for the kneading of stiff dough.

The plastic whipping bowl comes with a balloon whisk attachment as well as a single wire whisk attachment.  The balloon whisk is used for egg whites and whipping cream, while the single wire is best suited for cake batters, icings and soft cookie dough.  It should be noted that the single wire whisk is not equipped to handle cold butter and cream cheese.


Instructions on the assembly of the various components of the original package can be seen here:  Please refer to the owners manual for information on care and cleaning of the product.  For more detailed information on the machine and where to purchase, please visit




Ankarsrum’s Deluxe Package features several ingenious attachments and elevates the mixer to a multi-talented kitchen appliance.

With the above components, the machine and its powerful motor can be relied on for the following:

  • Blender (Blender featured in this image is not currently available. The Blender is currently being redesigned and will launch in the USA later in 2018)
  • Citrus press for the juicing of limes, lemons, oranges, and grapefruit
  • Meat grinder with 4 meat grinding disks (2.5 mm, 4.5 mm, 6 mm and 8mm) and 3 sausage horns (10 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm)
  • Strainer for the straining of fresh berry juices used in jams and jellies as well as apples and tomatoes for sauces
  • Nut grater for superfine nut meal
  • Cookie attachment for spritz cookies and cheese straws
  • Four pasta discs for spaghetti, fettuccine or flat rice noodles and bucatini

A splash shield is also included and can be used with the meat grinder, strainer, nut grater, pasta discs and cookie attachment.


The following link provides instructions on the assembly of the additional components offered in the deluxe package:  The owners manual can be referred to for questions on care and cleaning of the parts.


A regular blog providing recipes for the Ankarsrum mixer and its various attachments will launch June 1st.  Stay tuned for some tasty and informative ways to utilize this multi-purpose kitchen appliance!

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