Red Cabbage and Carrot Coleslaw


Today is the first of the month and normally that means a bonus recipe for blog subscribers only.  But this month, the first falls on a regularly scheduled blog Sunday so we have a special recipe for all of our Ankarsrum USA Blog guests.  This recipe will also give you a taste of what our bonus recipes are like.

Today is also special because July 4th is just a few days away and with it comes a celebration of our nation’s birth.  July 4th for our family is filled with great food and tons of board games and a wonderful day spent with great friends.  This coleslaw recipe will be one you will want to add to your holiday menu for sure.

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Banana Cheesecake with Gooey Peanut Crust


If I had to pick one food to represent my childhood summer experience, it would have to be Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches.  I remember one summer spent riding my bicycle to a friend’s house, playing in his creek and eating peanut butter sandwiches just about every single day!  If we found ourselves at my Grandmother’s house, another ingredient would be added to this simple fare…..mayonnaise.  Please tell me I am not the only one who has consumed a peanut butter, banana and mayonnaise sandwich?!  My Grandma would say that the mayo helped to prevent the peanut butter from sticking to the roof of your mouth though I didn’t mind the stickiness and would have preferred to go without the mayo. Ugh!  Don’t worry, there is no mayonnaise in today’s recipe.  With that said, I set out this summer to recreate the flavors of my childhood by creating a cool, creamy, simple cheesecake recipe.

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Ankarsrum – The Assistant helping to feed children in Haiti!

We here at Ankarsrum USA are so happy to have partnered with a non-profit organization that is super close to our hearts. Real Bread Outreach was started by Sue Becker, who’s vision it is to see families and children who are struggling with health have access to life changing whole grain nutrition. Below, you will read a bit about what she is doing in Haiti and also how the Ankarsrum Assistant has traveled across the ocean to assist in feeding over 500 children each day.  We hope you enjoy this short testimonial.


From Sue Becker, founder of Real Bread Outreach

The Ankarsrum Mixer – The Finest Mixer in the World

For more than 25 years I’ve known that the Ankarsrum Assistant Original Mixer is the finest mixer in the world, having personally used it since 1992. Over the years it has been sold in the US under several names: the DLX, Electrolux DLX, Magic Mill, and the Verona.  But an Ankarsrum by any other name is still the same quality mixer designed by Electrolux of Sweden, way back in 1940, when appliances were built to be used and last a lifetime.

Since 1992, when I started on the journey of milling my flour at home to make all the bread for my family of 9, I knew I needed a mixer that would hold up under heavy use. Now, 26 years later, my original mixer is still working beautifully and has never needed repair. So naturally in March of 2016, when I was called to start a bread ministry in Haiti for hundreds of starving school children, I knew the Ankarsrum Assistant Original was up for the task.

I made 5 trips to Haiti in less than a year to train a team of 5 young men at an orphanage in Mirebalais; showing them how to make bread every day from freshly milled flour for the 500 village school children and the 150 children that live at the orphanage.  In July 2016, I took 2 Ankarsrum Assistant Original mixers to help with the project. Up until then all the bread dough was being kneaded by hand. I made 3 more trips to Haiti for training from July 2016 to January 2017.

We calculated that we would need to make 800 rolls each day, providing 1 roll per day for the 500 school children and 2 rolls per day for the 150 children that live at the orphanage.  Using 12-13 cups of freshly milled flour for each batch of dough, we were able to make about 40 rolls per batch. If you just did the math, you realized that we are making 10, back to back, batches of bread in each Ankarsrum EACH DAY!

From my recent trip to Haiti in January 2018, I can now say with absolute confidence that the Ankarsrum Assistant Original mixer exceeds any and all expectations. The 2 Ankarsrums being used now for 1 ½ years are in perfect working order. Not a rattle, no overheating, not even a knob needing to be replaced.  And still cranking out about 10 batches of dough per mixer every day to provide bread for 650 very hungry children. I might add that these are teenage boys using and caring for the mixers.

I do not know of ANY other mixer that could stand up under this much use. You can be assured that on my next trip to Haiti, in July 2018, two Ankarsrum Assistant Originals will be going with me for our new project at an orphanage that will be feeding 1200 children bread made from freshly milled flour, EVERY DAY.

Not only is the Ankarsrum Assistant Original the largest non-commercial mixer sold, it has been tried and found true, that it is, hands down, the finest mixer in the world.


To learn more about Real Bread Outreach, click HERE.