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Beet Root Pasta with Mushroom Sauce

We’re putting the latest Ankarsrum Pasta Attachment, The Lasagnette, to use and diving into autumn flavors with this beautiful pasta that gets its rosy color from beets.  Pair it with a creamy mushroom sauce and bring on the fall vibes.

From AnkarsrumUSA recipe developer, Carmi Adams:

Dehydrated powdered vegetables are a great way to add color and flavor to homemade pasta.  This recipe calls for a little more water in the pasta dough than usual, this is to help incorporate and hydrate the beet root powder.

The dough is going to seem a little crumbly once mixed. Do not be tempted to add more water. Let it rest for 30 minutes first. During this time the dough will absorb the flour and become soft and pliable.


While the pasta dough is resting, start in on the sauce.   You can use any sauce you want with this pasta, but the creamy mushroom sauce recipe provided pairs really well with the earthy beet flavor.

If you have the slicer attachment, it makes quick work of the 3 pounds of mushrooms.


Once the pasta dough has rested, if it is still a little crumbly, wet your hands with water, shake off excess and knead it a little bit with damp hands.  The thing to avoid is overly hydrated pasta dough because it will become a sticky nightmare when trying to feed through the pasta attachment.

Divide the pasta dough in sections and first feed through the lasagna attachment to achieve thin long sheets of pasta that will easily fit through the lasagnette attachment.  Alternately, the dough can first be rolled out with a rolling pin and then fed through the lasagnette attachment OR rolled through the lasagna attachment and then cut into shapes with a sharp knife.

Always have some extra semolina flour on hand for dusting the pasta dough with as it is shaped. This will help keep the noodles separate and not clump together.


Fresh pasta only takes a few minutes to cook.  Or you can generously toss it with semolina flour, cover and place it in the fridge for up to 1 day.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about this recipe.  Enjoy!


Beet Root Pasta with Mushroom Sauce


Prep Time: 40 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Inactive Time: 30 minutes


Pasta Dough:

2 large eggs, room temperature

2 large egg yolks, room temperature

135 g. (9 Tbsp.) water

1.5 g. (1/4 tsp.) kosher salt

9 g. (1 Tbsp.) beet root powder

500 g. (2 1/2 cups plus 2 Tbsp.) finely ground semolina pasta flour

finely ground semolina pasta flour for dusting

Mushroom Sauce:

14 g. (1 Tbsp.) olive oil

14 g. (1 Tbsp.) unsalted butter

3 large cloves garlic, minced

3 large sprigs fresh thyme

1360 g. (3 pounds) baby portabella or button mushrooms, stems removed and thinly sliced

22 g. (3 Tbsp.) all-purpose flour

57 g. (1/4 cup) dry white wine

5 g. (1 tsp.) kosher salt

177 g. (1 cup) low-sodium chicken broth

460 g. (2 cups) heavy cream

freshly ground black pepper, to taste

Optional: freshly grated parmesan for serving


For the pasta dough:

In the stainless-steel bowl with the roller/scraper, mix together the eggs, egg yolks, water, salt and beet root powder on medium-high speed (4 o’clock) until thoroughly combined.

Reduce speed to low (1 o’clock) and slowly add in the flour.  Stop and scrape down the roller if necessary.  Lock arm in place about 1/2 inch from side of bowl and mix until mixture is combined.  Gather dough up and knead by hand to work any remaining flour in.  Dough will still be slightly dry feeling but will absorb the flour as it rests.

Wrap up the pasta dough and place it in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes and up to 1 day.

Once the dough has rested for at least 30 minutes.  Divide it into 6 equal portions.  If the dough is still feeling a little dry, wet hands with water and gently knead.  This should smooth out the dough.  Avoid adding too much liquid as the dough will become sticky when trying to cut into noodles.

Lightly dust portions with semolina flour and flatten with fingers.

Set up Ankarsrum mixer with the lasagna attachment and start on the widest setting, 0, and feed dough through.  Adjust setting to the next one down and feed dough through again until dough has been fed through settings 0-4.  Repeat with all portions of dough, laying long pasta sheets between layers of parchment or wax paper until ready to work with.  Alternately, roll portions out with a rolling pin to 1/8 inch thick.

Replace lasagna attachment with lasagnette attachment (or other pasta attachments) and feed each pasta sheet through, dusting with extra flour as needed.  Generously dust noodles with semolina flour and gently toss together to coat entire noodle and prevent clumping and sticking.  Repeat with remaining pasta sheets.  Alternately, use a sharp knife to cut pasta sheets into noodles.

Pasta can be covered and stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 day or immediately cooked.  If storing in refrigerator, make sure to generously dust and gently toss with extra flour again.

Cook pasta in a large pot of salted boiling water for 2-3 minutes until al dente.  Reserve 1/4 cup of the pasta water before draining.  Add cooked pasta and reserved water to finished mushroom sauce and cook over medium-low heat for about a minute until sauce is thickened and pasta is coated with sauce.  Serve immediately.  If desired, top with freshly grated parmesan.

For the sauce:

Add the olive oil and butter to a large 12-inch skillet with sides (or a 6-8 quart Dutch oven).  Melt butter over medium-low heat.  Add garlic and thyme sprigs and sauté for one minute.  Add in the mushrooms and cook for 10-15 minutes, until mushrooms have released their juices and are softened.

Sprinkle flour over cooked mushrooms and cook, stirring constantly, for 1 minute.  Deglaze with wine.

Add in salt, chicken broth and heavy cream.  Cook at a simmer, uncovered, for 20-25 minutes until sauce is thickened.  Taste and adjust seasoning as desired with salt and freshly ground black pepper.  Remove thyme stems before adding pasta into sauce and serving.


Yield: 6 servings

Substitution Notes:

-Semolina pasta flour can be replaced with whole grain durum or Kamut flour.

-All-purpose flour in sauce can be replaced with whole wheat flour.

-Wine in sauce can be replaced with 2 Tbsp. white wine or champagne vinegar

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Carmi Adams

Carmi Adams has loved cooking from a very early age; requesting fondue pots and cookbooks for birthdays as a child. She further pursued her passion for food at the Art Institute of Atlanta and obtained a degree in Culinary Arts. Carmi landed a job on the show Good Eats, which aired on the Food Network. For seven years she did everything from food research, recipe development and testing, product testing to feeding a hungry film crew. Now living in the central coast of California, Carmi enjoys the bounty of agriculture, vineyards and farmers markets at her culinary disposal. She has been using the Ankarsrum mixer for over 15 years and feels that it is hands-down the best on the market for home cooks.