Christmas Gift Giving Galore


We don’t normally post back to back, but as Carmi mentioned in our last post, this month we are sharing some great recipes for gift giving and we wanted to share these with you as early as possible.  If you missed Carmi’s contribution, here is the link to her Vanilla Bourbon Pear Butter Truffles.  I will confess that I may have gone overboard with my contribution to this month’s posts.  I just couldn’t decide on giving you one recipe, so I’m sharing FOUR with you!  By sharing these recipes, I’m also able to share with you a new product line I was recently introduced to.  Luigi Bormioli is a glassware company that makes high quality yet affordable items.

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Raise a Glass To…


May often brings a celebratory spirit with it.  Cinco de Mayo kicks off the month to a fun start and then Mother’s Day is soon to follow (which you should definitely be celebrating and thanking your mom!!)  Many people have wedding anniversaries and birthdays to celebrate.  There is of course Memorial Day, where we honor the men and women who have and are serving our country.  Depending on where you live and if you have kids, May can also mean the end of the school year and the official start of summer.  So we decided to do another fun collaboration and each provide you with a refreshing cocktail to help you celebrate!

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Sourdough Prequel: Kefir Juice Starter

I have been having so much fun recipe testing and researching for my upcoming sourdough post. However, I was afraid the post would get rather lengthy and recipe heavy so I decided to give you a bit of a prequel. Also, because we’ve already discussed the need for healthy bacteria in our diet in our recent posts on Sauerkraut and using drained yogurt as a cream cheese replacement in our Donut post, I wanted to introduce you to this easy and affordable healthy bacteria food (or drink in this case).

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