Dark Rye and Oat Bread


August has arrived and with it comes the promise of cooler days and nights.  If you’ve ever lived in Georgia, you know that August can be downright miserable.  With temps in the 90’s and the humidity at record breaking percentages, it’s not really my favorite place to be.  But, the kids have started back to school here and that means that cooler temperatures are right around the corner.  This is the time of year when I start dreaming of new soup and stew recipes I want to try.  Rustic breads which will transform into gooey grilled cheese sandwiches and all the many things I plan to do with apples this Fall.  We are certainly entering into my favorite time of year in North Georgia.  Because our featured Ankarsrum attachment this month is the Flake Mill, I wanted to go ahead and share a special bread recipe with you.  This is a bread that we served at my wedding a little over 18 years ago and it was a huge hit.  This Dark Rye and Oat Bread is the perfect yeast bread to usher in the cooler temps.

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Back to School Bonus: Hot Cereal & Lekue Oatmeal Cooker Giveaway

This contest is now closed but please enjoy the post and recipes!

I hope you enjoyed our first post in our Back To School Series. Today we have a bonus post for you because September 2 is Grits for Breakfast Day!

My kids love hot cereal but sometimes these recipes can be time consuming because they require careful monitoring of the stove to make sure the pot doesn’t boil over or the food doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot. Constant stirring of grits or oatmeal can certainly delay the process of getting ready for school in the morning. So when I was introduced to the Lekue Oatmeal Cooker I was intrigued.

  1. Could I truly make oatmeal and grits in the microwave and still have them taste fresh and creamy like I was used to using stove top cooking?
  2. Would it really save me time in the morning?
  3. And even though it’s called and “oatmeal” cooker, could I use it for other things like grits, cream of wheat or porridge?

So I set off testing recipes and I’m pretty sure we had oatmeal or grits every morning in the office for at least a week! It was such a hit that each lady in our office ended up ordering their own and I ordered a second one as a birthday present for my brother who would eat grits morning, noon and night if he could!

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