We’ve been sharing some wonderful recipe submissions from home cooks and bakers this year.  We’re wrapping up the contributions with this amazing cake from Regina Goolsby.  The recipe is from her grandfather, and after she deciphered his cursive writing and somewhat vague instructions, (in German, no less) she made it with her Ankarsrum, and then kindly shared it with us.  This chocolate and hazelnut cake has a delicious chocolate filling and frosting, and then is coated in a glaze for a beautiful presentation.

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Halloween Candy Blondies

Heaps of Halloween candy after tonight?  Don’t just throw it in the freezer or stash it on the highest pantry shelf and slowly dole it out.  Or (gasp!) throw it in the trash when the kids aren’t looking.  Bake with it!  We’ve got two different takes on a blondie: one for fruity candy and one for chocolate/caramel candy.

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Apple Rosemary Bread with Caramel Gin Sauce

Baking all things apple lately, and excited to share this recipe we’ve been tweaking and perfecting for awhile.  Apples sautéed in butter with a touch of sugar and fresh rosemary, rolled up in a sweet enriched dough, and then drizzled with a caramel gin sauce once baked.

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