Mushroom Walnut Burgers

In the bonus post for this month (subscribe to receive!) I was talking about all the great attachments that come with the Meat Mincer Complete package that have nothing to do with grinding meat or making sausages.  It got me thinking about ways to make this attachment appealing to someone that doesn’t eat a lot of meat, like me.  So then I was determined to make a vegetarian burger using the meat grinder.  Sacrilegious, I know.  But the former vegetarian in me got a laugh out of it.  Now, I have nothing against eating meat and use the grinder all the time for tasty burgers, meatballs, etc.  It is an awesome meat grinder, but it also makes a pretty fabulous mushroom burger too.

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Spiced Beef Kebabs with Yogurt Cucumber Sauce


Like most everyone I know, I sometimes feel absolutely uninspired when it comes to meal prep and dinnertime.  Cereal anyone?  Besides flipping through cooking magazines and cookbooks, I often find that wandering through a spice shop or even just the spice aisle in the grocery store will spark some new dinner ideas.  This month is all about the Harvest Package and I was once again putting the meat grinder through its paces and wanting a different take on a ground meat patty.  I’d done meatballs, burgers, sausage, and was rather at a loss for something new when pursuing the spices at World Market I remembered that kebabs can also utilize ground meat; a glorified tasty treat on a stick!

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National Pizza Day: Featuring the BakerStone Pizza Oven Box


The contest portion of this post is over but you can still enjoy the recipes!

Though this post isn’t part of our “Back To School Series”, I can say that pizza night at our house is a pretty fun event and the perfect ending to a busy week of school, work and sports! It is also a meal that the whole family takes part in. Especially after we brought home the BakerStone Pizza Oven Box. I was first introduced to this product at the International Housewares Show in Chicago back in March. My family LOVES pizza so I was intrigued by this box that goes on my grill (works on gas or charcoal), replicates a wood fire oven and bakes a pizza in less than three minutes. BakerStone graciously sent me one to test out and told me if I liked it and wanted to feature it on the blog they would give one away to one of our readers! Talk about a WIN WIN for everyone!! And just in time for National Cheese Pizza Day!

You can read more about the PizzaStone Box on their website but I’ll share a few tips I learned along the way and then will share some of my family’s favorite pizza recipes/toppings.

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