Southern Biscuits


Okay, being from the South, I’ve baked and consumed my fair share of biscuits. In fact, my Grandmother Sarah paid her way through college baking biscuits for a local shop in Savannah.  And when my brother and I were younger, we would wake up between 4am and 5am to help our mom make biscuits and cinnamon rolls for two local gas stations who served breakfast each weekday morning. That small business was our first taste at being entrepreneurs and also paid for our first ever family snow skiing trip! So yes, I’ve made a few biscuits. 🙂 Now that I’m a little older and have a family of my own, my cooking and baking style has changed. In my own home, I grind my own grains making all my own freshly milled flour. I’ll be honest, I tried numerous biscuit recipes with my new whole wheat flour and they just weren’t the same as the fluffy white flour biscuits of my childhood. So, I stopped making biscuits for a long time until I came across the recipe I will be sharing with you today. YAY!!

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