My Favorite Muffin Recipe


I am very excited to share with you my first post for 2017.  Carmi and I have an exciting year planned out for you, full of great tips and amazing recipes.

When we first launched this blog, I shared with you My Favorite Yeast Bread Recipe.  I grew up learning how to cook from my mom who is absolutely amazing in the kitchen.  She always made everything from scratch and some of her best recipes are hand written in this little blue notebook and tucked away inside a kitchen cabinet. It is stuffed full of note cards and magazine clippings.  My mom was always an advocate that you don’t need a million cookbooks.  Now the funny thing about that statement is that my mom will be the first to tell you that she has an absolute obsession with buying cookbooks and cooking magazines.  She recently even told me that she walked into our local grocery store and told herself over and over and over again that she was not going to purchase a cookbook or cooking magazine.  She inwardly recited this as she walked throughout the store.  She made it to the check out and purchased her items.  As she walked out of the store, not only had she purchased one cooking magazine, but THREE! Here is the deal though, she (as well as myself) will purchase cookbooks or cooking magazines to gather inspiration to apply to our tried and true family recipes.  I do this all the time with my yeast bread recipe.  If I want an olive and rosemary bread, I take My Favorite Yeast Bread Recipe, add some olives and fresh rosemary, maybe reduce the honey just a bit and there you go! Or if I want Orange Cranberry Bread (as used in my Orange Cranberry Cinnamon Roll Recipe), use part orange juice for the water, add orange zest and come cranberries and there you have it.  Use cooking magazines, cookbooks, and online recipes to get inspired with new flavor combinations. Then, just apply it to your favorite recipe.

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Back To School Breakfast: Sausage, Egg & Hashbrown Frittata Cups


Several months ago I came across a recipe while on a diet. I loved the idea of individual egg frittatas but wasn’t crazy about the ingredients called for in the recipe so of course I had to tweak it just a bit. Now with school starting for most kids around the country, I wanted to share a super easy make ahead breakfast I believe your family will enjoy as much as mine has.

All three of my kids absolutely love breakfast food and would and could eat it all day every day. Also, with all three of them being involved in sports, this particular recipe has been a hit during weekend tournaments when they need a quick fix of protein. I believe this recipe is the perfect base and you could add your favorite additional items like spinach, feta, tomatoes, herbs….etc.

I also love that I’m able to use two of my favorite Ankarsrum attachments for this recipe. Hash browns couldn’t be easier when you use the Vegetable Cutter Attachment and grinding my own meat for sausage allows me to completely control the foods that I feed my family. No more chemicals or crazy amounts of sodium for my crew.

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Holiday Baking Series Part 2: Almond Wedding Cookie

The holidays are finally here and I am beyond excited! The smell of freshly baked cookies permeating my entire house brings such comfort. I love sitting down at the beginning of December and making a list of recipes that will end up in my holiday gift baskets. I can attest to Carmi’s love of baking during the holidays. I believe she and I were 12 or 13 years old when I was lucky enough to receive an amazing basket full of delicious treats as my Christmas gift that year. YUM!!

Last week Carmi started off our Holiday Baking Series with a cookie recipe dedicated to her daughter. This week I will share one of my son JJ’s favorite cookies.

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