Turkey and Cranberry Rolls

Lots of Thanksgiving turkey to use up soon?  Or maybe just having a small gathering and want those familiar flavors but not the huge effort of making the whole feast?  We’ve got you covered.  These rolls are filled with leftover turkey (or rotisserie chicken from the grocery deli works also!) and cranberry sauce, and the dough has cornmeal, chicken stock and poultry seasoning in it to mimic the flavors of stuffing.  And in case you don’t have leftover gravy after the big day, we’ve included an easy homemade gravy recipe to top these rolls off with.  Because you can’t have Thanksgiving without gravy.

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Apple Rosemary Bread with Caramel Gin Sauce

Baking all things apple lately, and excited to share this recipe we’ve been tweaking and perfecting for awhile.  Apples sautéed in butter with a touch of sugar and fresh rosemary, rolled up in a sweet enriched dough, and then drizzled with a caramel gin sauce once baked.

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Garlic Herb Cheese Stuffed Buttermilk Rolls

How do you take buttermilk rolls to the next level?  Stuff them with cheese and slather them in garlic herb butter, of course!  Serve these with soup, salad, on their own or dunk in tomato sauce.  And the leftovers make pretty stellar panini sandwiches.

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