Happy Birthday America! July 4th – Burger Time!

This is a special post. A joint post by Carmi and Ashley gets you double the recipes. Hope you enjoy and Happy 4th!

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Strawberry Shortcake

Summertime desserts are all about highlighting produce at its peak, while trying to stay cool! Strawberry shortcake is a quintessential summer dessert.  Fresh berries, cold vanilla bean flecked whipped cream, and a buttery crumbly shortcake makes for a winning combination.  Although cold butter technically can’t be used in the plastic whipping bowl, using frozen grated butter is a great workaround that allows shortcakes and biscuits to be made with the Ankarsrum.

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My Favorite Yeast Bread Recipe

Over the years I’ve tried so many yeast bread recipes and I find myself coming back to this one. From sandwich bread to hamburger buns, pizza crust and baguette loaves, this is a family favorite I’m sure you will love.

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