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Yay for Fall! Apple Pie


For the almost 25 years that I’ve used the Ankarsrum, I’ve always told people that pie dough was the one thing this amazing machine couldn’t do. Pie dough is made by combining flour and salt, and then adding chunks of cold butter which then get “cut” into the flour (much like making biscuits) to create this crumbly (small pieces of butter wrapped in flour) texture, add a little ice water and…Boom! It all comes together to form pie dough.

As we’ve gone over many times before, you CAN NOT put cold butter in the Double Whisk Bowl or you will end up with broken gears and bent wires. In case you missed that, click HERE for a quick refresher on how to properly use the beater bowl and whisks.

I’ll be honest, it has always bothered me that I couldn’t make pie dough with my Ankarsrum. I mean come on, it can do just about everything else. Except sadly, a load of laundry! So I set out to figure out a way to make it work even using cold butter.

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