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Pina Colada Cake

National Pina Colada Day is July 10th, and you can have your drink and eat it too.  Nothing says summertime like a tiki cocktail, and when you turn those flavors into a boozy cake, it is pretty much a guaranteed baking win.  This cake is packed full of coconut and pineapple in various forms and has rum in the cake, frosting and layering components.  The perfect balance of creaminess, fruitiness and rum-ness.  Hello summer!

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Vanilla Cake Roll from Manuela Kjeilen


If you had a chance to check out our post a few weeks ago, S’mores Chocolate Cookies, then you know that we are pairing up with the lovely Manuela Kjeilen from Norway this month; and featuring recipes out of her first English cookbook: Love, Manuela.  Equal parts gorgeous and mouthwatering, this huge baking book may give you the urge to don a string of pearls while whipping up something delicious in the kitchen.  Manuela’s personality shines through with little antidotes sprinkled throughout and instructions that bring on a smile (rub sugar into the towel with your beautiful hands).

I decided to feature her Vanilla Cake Roll since people often view a cake roll as a daunting culinary feat.  Cake rolls are actually quite easy to bake and always make an impressive presentation.  This one is filled with fresh raspberries as well as a raspberry mascarpone frosting.  Perfect for the warm weather berry season right now!

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Lime Pound Cake with Basil and Stone Fruit

Pound cake is a staple dessert in the south.  Growing up, it was rare to not see it gracing the table of every potluck, church function and summertime get-together I went to.  If you were lucky, it was homemade and accompanied by fresh fruit that had been tossed with sugar, which created a syrupy goodness to spoon over the pound cake.

Pound cake recipes first started appearing in 18th century American and English cookbooks.  The name referenced the fact that the cake often contained 1 pound each of flour, butter, eggs and sugar.  In an era where literacy was not common, this was an easy recipe to remember.  Early versions also sometimes contained alcohol and fruit, making them sound similar to fruitcakes.  Since modern leaveners and mixers were obviously not available, one had to rely on some sturdy arm muscles to whip air into the batter to create volume for the dense, rich cake.  Although recipes today widely vary, this buttery cake is an excellent dessert to have in one’s cooking repertoire.

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