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Sourdough Discard Cornbread

Last year we tackled sourdough on the blog with a post all about how to make and take care of a starter, as well as a basic sourdough loaf.  Now the thing about sourdough starter is that you have to deal with something called discard.  Basically, in order for a wild yeast starter to stay active and at peak leavening capability, it needs to be fed consistently.  Since I don’t bake with my starter all the time, it is usually being stored in the fridge, which slows it down and requires less frequent feedings.  However, when I am ready to bake with it, there is a 2-4 four day process of feeding it several times a day to get it back to being active enough to leaven loaves of bread.  Each of those feedings requires me to dump off a portion so I don’t end up with a gallon of starter.  That is why you dump part of it.  Not because there is anything wrong with it, but because if you didn’t, then you’d quickly have way more starter than you could ever need.  But, instead of just throwing away the discard, it can be added to other baked goods.  While it will need help with leaven, it will still impart that wonderfully tangy sourdough flavor.

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Thanksgiving Series: A Tribute To Sarah – Cornbread Dressing

Thanksgiving is probably one of my favorite holidays. Growing up, we didn’t get to spend this holiday with my grandparents in South Georgia very often; but we certainly ate food passed down from my Grandma Sarah. She was an amazing lady who paid her way through college by selling biscuits. She passed down her cooking wisdom to my mother who passed it down to me and I pray I will be able to pass it down to my own daughter.

My Grandma Sarah passed away last year and there have been definate times this year that have made me think of her. The start of college football season brought a wave of memories flooding through my mind. Meeting her and my Grandpa Joe in Athens, Georgia for UGA football every Saturday was the highlight of my fall growing up. We would tailgate from early in the morning and then several hours after each home game. She always had yummy food to share and I can fondly say those were the best days of my childhood! The other time of year that reminds me of my Grandma Sarah is Thanksgiving. Her Cornbread Dressing has been a tradition in our home all my life. I’ve had other dressing (not to be confused with stuffing) recipes and there is just no recipe that compares to my Grandma’s.

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Emile Henry & Ankarsrum Giveaway Series-Part 3: Loaf Pan


I am so excited to be hosting this product giveaway with Emile Henry. Emile Henry is a French company that has been around since 1850. Their products are unlike anything else I’ve ever used. The first piece I ever received was the Bread Cloche and from the moment I first used it, I haven’t used a traditional loaf pan since.

This giveaway will feature the Ankarsrum Assistant Original and 5 of my favorite Emile Henry pieces. It will consist of four separate posts, each post focusing on an individual piece. To enter, fill out the form at the bottom of the post. You may also enter to win on Instagram and Facebook. Contest will be open until 8:00pm on Monday, November 30. A winner for each Emile Henry piece and the Ankarsrum (color of the winner’s choosing) will be announced on Tuesday December 1.

Good luck everyone and here we go with Part 3: The Loaf Pan…….

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