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Turkey and Cranberry Rolls

Lots of Thanksgiving turkey to use up soon?  Or maybe just having a small gathering and want those familiar flavors but not the huge effort of making the whole feast?  We’ve got you covered.  These rolls are filled with leftover turkey (or rotisserie chicken from the grocery deli works also!) and cranberry sauce, and the dough has cornmeal, chicken stock and poultry seasoning in it to mimic the flavors of stuffing.  And in case you don’t have leftover gravy after the big day, we’ve included an easy homemade gravy recipe to top these rolls off with.  Because you can’t have Thanksgiving without gravy.

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Thanksgiving Series: Sarah’s Cranberry Salad


Recipe Update: Before processing your oranges, cut into one and check out the thickness of the white pith.  If this is super thick, you will want to try and cut most of it off.  Leaving this on the orange may result in a VERY bitter dish.  Not exactly what you are going for.  Enjoy!

Today we are continuing with our Thanksgiving Series and I’m excited to share another recipe from my Grandmother Sarah. I love cranberries, and I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like jello, so this recipe is one of my favorites. Because it needs time to set up, you will want to make this at least 24 hours ahead of time. Or better yet, make it several days ahead, then you have less to worry about come Thanksgiving Day. I will admit to tweaking this recipe just a bit. I don’t think my Grandma would be too upset with me. 🙂 Her original recipe called for Lime Jello. Because I try to stay away from artificial colors for my family, I used the zest and juice of  a lime plus unflavored gelatin. It worked just as well as her original recipe. My Ankarsrum with the Meat Mincer attachment made this recipe so easy to make.

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