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Garlic Herb Cheese Stuffed Buttermilk Rolls

How do you take buttermilk rolls to the next level?  Stuff them with cheese and slather them in garlic herb butter, of course!  Serve these with soup, salad, on their own or dunk in tomato sauce.  And the leftovers make pretty stellar panini sandwiches.

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Bacon Cheddar Rosemary Scones


Summer weekends for me usually consist of travel baseball tournaments for my son.  As we reach July, his season has come to an end and as much as I LOVE watching him play ball, I am so looking forward to quiet Saturday mornings, sipping coffee on my front porch and not having to go anywhere!  My three kids also love these mornings because they roll out of bed whenever they want and usually have something yummy to eat waiting for them.  This month I wanted to combine several of my favorite southern flavors, bacon, cheddar, butter and corn meal into one quick and easy breakfast fare.  Because we are featuring the Vegetable Cutter Attachment this month, I decided to use the grater drum to shred my frozen butter into perfectly curled butter shavings that mix into my scone batter just right.

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