Overnight Oatmeal Chia Bowls


It’s August here in Georgia and for my kids that means back to school.  That also means early mornings of making breakfast and packing lunches. I’m always looking for quick and easy meals not only for them but for myself as well.  I also love make ahead dishes that are just as good on day five as they were the day I made them.  This is one of those recipes.  I also love it because it allows for each person in your home to add their favorite toppings so that you never have to hear, “but I don’t like that!”.  Cause who really wants to start the morning hearing those words?  This recipe is also a great way to start your morning with whole grains, fiber and even a good source of protein.  I actually used a nutrition app to plug in these ingredients and will share those nutrition facts at the bottom of the recipe.

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3 Grain Breakfast Bars

School starts back here tomorrow, and breakfast truly becomes the most important meal of the day to me.  Mostly because my daughter views eating during social situations as an inconvenience and will come home starving because “we made up a new game and my super powers were needed.”  In her mind, lunchtime is definitely not for eating, but for saving make-believe worlds or having a monkey bar competition.  So I try to fuel up my super hero with something nutritious and filling before her school day starts.  I am a big fan of oatmeal for this reason, but she is a fickle friend of hot cereals.  Enter a new twist: forgo stovetop cooking and unappetizing-looking bowls of mush your kids cry bitter tears into and mix your whole grains with a couple tasty ingredients to pop in the oven for an updated and kid approved version of oatmeal.

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Back to School Bonus: Hot Cereal & Lekue Oatmeal Cooker Giveaway

This contest is now closed but please enjoy the post and recipes!

I hope you enjoyed our first post in our Back To School Series. Today we have a bonus post for you because September 2 is Grits for Breakfast Day!

My kids love hot cereal but sometimes these recipes can be time consuming because they require careful monitoring of the stove to make sure the pot doesn’t boil over or the food doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot. Constant stirring of grits or oatmeal can certainly delay the process of getting ready for school in the morning. So when I was introduced to the Lekue Oatmeal Cooker I was intrigued.

  1. Could I truly make oatmeal and grits in the microwave and still have them taste fresh and creamy like I was used to using stove top cooking?
  2. Would it really save me time in the morning?
  3. And even though it’s called and “oatmeal” cooker, could I use it for other things like grits, cream of wheat or porridge?

So I set off testing recipes and I’m pretty sure we had oatmeal or grits every morning in the office for at least a week! It was such a hit that each lady in our office ended up ordering their own and I ordered a second one as a birthday present for my brother who would eat grits morning, noon and night if he could!

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