Overnight Oatmeal Chia Bowls


It’s August here in Georgia and for my kids that means back to school.  That also means early mornings of making breakfast and packing lunches. I’m always looking for quick and easy meals not only for them but for myself as well.  I also love make ahead dishes that are just as good on day five as they were the day I made them.  This is one of those recipes.  I also love it because it allows for each person in your home to add their favorite toppings so that you never have to hear, “but I don’t like that!”.  Cause who really wants to start the morning hearing those words?  This recipe is also a great way to start your morning with whole grains, fiber and even a good source of protein.  I actually used a nutrition app to plug in these ingredients and will share those nutrition facts at the bottom of the recipe.

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The Bread Of The World


Last week, something happened that had never happened before.  A bread recipe was created by computer algorithms.  This computer program scanned the corners of the world to create a recipe that is a cross section of the most popular bread recipes from around the globe.  The recipe was then refined by the famous Swedish baker Sébastien Boudet.  The outcome: a moist and fascinating flatbread!  This recipe is best prepared with the Ankarsrum Original Assistant, but also turns out nicely when prepared by hand.  I was excited to give it a try for myself and can tell you it has become one of our favorite bread recipes!

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