French Bread

I love French bread for its versatility.  Bread and cheese, sandwiches, garlic bread, French bread pizza, so many uses.  And so many of them great for summer, when picnics and gatherings are in full swing.  I had a lot of fun testing this recipe out, as bread has always been my first love when it comes to baking.  As with most breads, there are a lot of variations and “correct” ways to make French bread.  Here is my interpretation.  Hope you enjoy, with cheese and wine of course!

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Grape and Rosemary Focaccia

Do you ever base a dinner around a homemade loaf of bread?  I certainly do.  I love an easy dinner of fresh bread, salad, some good cheese and cured meat.  A dinner like this calls for something more than just your basic bread though.  I enjoy focaccia for this purpose because it only rises once (quicker to the table!) and the flat surface is ideal for placing that cheese and meat on.

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Sourdough Bread Part 1: Cloche Baking & Making Your Own Starter

As I sit here and type this post, I almost feel like an expectant mother on the day of her baby’s arrival. All this hard work and the day has finally arrived to share with the world my findings. This post has truly been a year in the making and I can not begin to guess at the pounds and pounds of bread dough that have been made during recipe testing. Not to mention the many “science experiments” that have grown on my kitchen counter in an attempt to create the perfect homemade starter. My family certainly hasn’t complained at all the test loaves they’ve been able to enjoy but I’m beginning to feel like I will slip into a carb coma at any moment. In this post I will show you an easy way to make your own starter and share with you a basic sourdough recipe. This recipe produces a slightly sour flavor and is more artisan in its shape. I will continue to work on a sourdough sandwich loaf and a recipe that can be used to make hamburger buns. Those will be posts for another day. Okay, its time to dive in!

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