Chocolate Zucchini Bread

What better way to wrap up the last full month of summer than with a recipe that uses up that certain produce everyone who owns a garden is trying to foist onto everyone else right now.  Zucchini!  Love it or hate it, it is quite abundant this time of year.  And even if you don’t like this green veggie, hiding it in a chocolate quick bread is obviously the best thing to do with it.  It will certainly make you reconsider your non-zucchini eating stance.  And, as usual, we’ve got you covered with a gluten-free variation and a whole wheat/natural sugar variation.

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Summer Squash and Potato Casserole


Have you ever grown zucchini or yellow squash in your garden?  If you have you know that by mid-summer you are begging people to take it, perhaps even stuffing a few in your neighbor’s mailbox or dropping bags on the unsuspecting doorsteps of your friends and family.  I must admit that neither vegetable excites me much and I rarely buy them, except to make the occasional loaf of chocolate zucchini bread.  However, for me, texture has just as much to do with liking a food as taste.  And what I think I really don’t like about zucchini or yellow squash is the mushy texture they take on when cooked.  If you subscribe to this blog, you saw that I shared a recipe for pickling thinly sliced zucchini (along with several other veggies) at the beginning of this month.  Playing around with all those thinly sliced vegetables got me thinking about layers and casseroles and inspired me to come up with a zucchini/squash dish that I would like.

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What Do We Do With All This Zucchini?!? – Zucchini Pepperoni


Summer is in full swing and gardens are ripe with produce. Like many of you, we have an OVER-abundance of squash and zucchini and I am forever trying to figure out creative ways to use them. I stumbled across this idea several years ago and my family has grown to love my zucchini pepperoni. Let’s face it, squash and zucchini really don’t have a distinct flavor by themself, so being able to doctor them up is super easy. With the right spice combination, I’ve been able to create a pepperoni taste that is sure to wow even the biggest meat lover.

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